We are JR Purtec

In the early 1970s, JR was one of the pioneering companies of polyurethane moulded foam application and was able to serve the industrial requirements oft he day for lightweight materials. For more than four decades JR Purtec is synonym for competence in Polyurethane – made in Germany.

JR Purtec employs at its sites in Germany and Poland upward of 320 employees and maintains a representative office in the United States. In Poland is also located the central tool shop with seven CNC machines. JR Purtec is globally positioned and present in the established key growth markets. JR Purtec delivers polyurethane solutions with innovativeness, particularly in fire protection requirements – reliably and flexibly.

JR Purtec is positioned in sophisticated and demanding markets – with up to date equipment and manufacturing technology, utilizing PUR-foam systems from various foam system suppliers who are at the forefront of research.



JR Purtec develops innovative moulded parts, that are required for  the following Industries and or uses, Automotive, public transport, in the health industry – Medical & Dental solutions, parts for office furniture and home furnishings, and in the sports goods industry.
Since the companies’ formation in 1971 in Lemförde, Lower Saxony, JR Purtec has established itself in the position of a leading supplier of polyurethane solutions.

JR Purtec’s global footprint and presence in key growth markets. JR Purtec provides polyurethane moldings with high innovation, particularly in fire protection – reliable and flexible.

From idea to product

Based on all major CAD file formats we determine already in the project phase, precisely the costs for tools and manufacturing. The CNC machine park of our partners is state of the art and allows always timely and cost-effective Implementation of all projects. The customer needs, we are implementing in 2- or 3-layer systems in full, semi-automatic or manual production systems.

The customer of the ideas to the delivery of expert support for, we at JR Purtec granted.

Project a car oil pan made of felt with PU sealing

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